Katie: Just For Fun

I met Katie through a Graphic Design class that I took last semester! One word can describe her, BEAUTIFUL! She is a perfect mix between a modern day Pocahontas and Mulan! I love it! The day we were supposed to meet for pictures, it rained, and so we rescheduled and thankfully we did!! This couldn't have been a more perfect day full of beautiful sunshine! 


Dallas: Senior

How can little Dallas be so grown up? I remember spending the night at my best friend, Abbey's, house and seeing Dallas ride his skateboard around! He was the cutest little boy and he's grown up into a handsome young man! Now, he's far from skateboarding around and likes to wear his southern proper hat, and plaid button downs. Why, don't you just see for yourself below!

So proud of you Dallas! I hope you have a great senior year!


Here's to Year 20

Westin, you are now 20! Woohoo! Spending year 19 of your life with you has been pure bliss! I am so excited to see what God has in store for you in year 20! I am so glad you are here to live it! When I first started dating you, I had no idea of the road ahead of me, but it turns out its the best road I could ever be on! You have taught me so much in the past three years. You are slow to anger, you are patient, you don't judge others, you are helping, loving, and you're just a good gentleman. I could not ask for a better person to spend my life with. Happy birthday. I love you!


Junior Year

Im a junior in college. WHAT? High school feels like forever ago, and I am starting to feel like an adult. This is weird y'all. I'm in my 20's...which means in the next year and a half i will have to enter into the real world. (get a job, pay for everything, and more grown-up-stuff). ...just a little freaky, right?

Just a little update on school:
I am taking an "Opportunities and Entrepreneurship" class this semester, and it has been great! (half the time depressing, but great!) I feel like I am really getting into the core of what I need to know for when I graduate. With 18 semester  hours, I am really getting what I'm paying for with tuition. I am also taking Business Law, Statistics II, Introduction to Finance, Product and Operations Management, and Dance (my only fun class, which half the time is a lecture). I actually think Entrepreneurship is more fun than my Dance class. It really feels good to find something that I enjoy doing, and it's crazy to think that I have an entrepreneurial way of thinking, but this class has shown me I most certainly do. 

Just a little update on life:
I live with three girls: Sarah, Shannon, and Rachel. We mesh so well together and they have been so great living together this semester. We have a Bible study on Tuesday nights and it has been wonderful! God put me in this apartment for a reason and so far it's been such a blessing to come home to three beautiful roommates (inside and out). This year I tried out for an a cappella singing group (Ear Candy) and I made it! So far I AM LOVIN' IT! All the girls are so sweet and not to mention we get to sing every week together! Last year at this time, if you would have asked me if I absolutely loved Boone, I probably would have answered, "No, but it's tolerable..." Now, I absolutely love it! (even part of the cold...but come back to me when it gets into the real winter) I feel familiar here. I finally have a place that I fit and enjoy being in. 

Update in Pictures:
this is the view from my apartment window

Fall Decorations:


There's A Peace I've Come to Know

Above Picture: View from Hartley's Knob

Everyday I am reminded of how beautiful God made the world. Last night I was driving back from Cullowhee and I was stopped on one of the exits I needed to make because a highway patrolman was turning people around. I got frustrated and my GPS was not helping me at all. I was not in the mood for a long detour that would take extra time, because I knew I needed to get back to study for economics. I finally found a way that didn't take too long, but as soon as I turned onto 221, there was this beautiful sunset between two mountains! Right then it reminded me to just breathe and remember that a long detour wouldn't be the end of the world. (I even managed to finish studying at a decent hour)

Here is a picture I took a while back of my brother's girlfriend's dog, Izzie!!!
She's a model